The 16 Personality Types as Animals

What’s easier to understand, being addressed as an ENFP or dolphin? It’s dolphin, of course! With way, you’re enthusiastic, creative and engaging.

If you’ve ever done Myers-Brigg’ personality typing you know exactly what we’re talking about. There are sixteen Myers-Briggs types. And, unfortunately, you might not get the animal type you hope for.

Here’s all the personality types, and their corresponding animals, in brief.

INFPImaginative, Idealist, CompassionateNarwhal
INTJIntellectual, Perceptive, StrategicOctopus
INFJMysterious, Intuitive, NurturingSea Horse
INTPOriginal, Aloof, PhilosophicalOwl
ENFPEnthusiastic, Creative, EngagingDolphin
ENTJPowerful, Direct, OutgoingBear
ENTPClever, Curious, QuickFox
ENFJPerceptive, Supportive, OptimisticDog
ISFJReliable, Loyal, PrincipledElephant
ISFPSpontaneous, Gentle, PresentPanda
ISTJDependable, Productive, MeticulousAnt
ISTPMasterful, Responsive, ConstructiveHoney Bee
ESFJCooperative, Devoted, ConscientiousWhale
ESFPCharming, Energetic, Fun-lovingOtter
ESTJConfident, Organized, SocialMeerkat
ESTPEnergetic, Playful, AdaptiveBeaver

Source: Truity

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