How to be a Superhero – An Illustrated Guide

Admit it. You’ve posed this question to yourself at least once in your life. Well, at last someone has distilled down just what it takes to be a superhero. It’s presented in this whimsical, fun illustrated visual by Canadian Illustrator Zia Somjee.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the key things that must happen for a superhero transformation:

  1. You need to get yourself a good genesis story (how’d you get those superpowers?).
  2. Once you’ve got them, the next step is to learn your new powers.
  3. Presentation counts. You need a secret identity and a costume; actually, let’s call it a supersuit.
  4. Now that you’re super and everything, we need something to do. For that, we need to figure out who your arch nemesis is.
  5. That’s it! You’ve achieved superhero status!

This piece by Zia is over ten years in the rear view. Check out his site for a far more recent dose of fresh visual design.

Source: Zia Somjee via Behance

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