Conditions for Mold to Grow Indoors

There’s a dreaded word for anyone who owns a home. It’s mold. If you’ve got it, you don’t want it. If you don’t have it, you’ll want to know these required conditions to help prevent it! Mold is resilient and hearty, but fortunately it can’t thrive in any environment. We’ve grouped the required conditions for mold to thrive and spread indoors into five easy to remember categories.

First, there’s mold spores. Without them, there’s no way molds can grow. It’s the source ingredient. The rest are catalysts, per se. Second is some sort of food source. Without something to eat mold can’t spread. Third is a dark and warm environment. That means no UV light, and above freezing temps. Fourth is the one that likely came top of mind: moisture of some sort. Fifth, and finally, is time. Once all conditions are met, mold will start to grow in less than 48 hours.

So, what happens once mold has set in?

If it’s caught early on, it can usually be taken care of by the homeowner. Getting rid of the mold will still require caution and precautions. It is highly recommended that anyone cleaning up mold wears gloves and a breathing mask at the very least. It’s also imperative to get all of the mold out.

If mold is pervasive or is growing in hard to reach places like inside walls a professional is likely the right route to pursue. Professional mold remediation companies have the tools and experience to deal with tougher situations. And, purchasing the equipment required to correctly do the job is likely more costly than getting the job done right.

The cost of a single commercial dehumidifier, air scrubber, a few air movers and protective clothing easily costs over two thousand dollars. Beyond those required items it’s common to also need barriers to cordon off the area with mold, HEPA vacuums and chemical cleaners or treatments bigger jobs, that price just goes up.

Source: Air Scrubber HQ

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