A History of the Apollo Missions: Apollo Black

The Apollo missions captured the world’s attention, taking all of mankind from their earthly bounds to the stars, and finally the moon. The program’s technological achievements and rapid-fire schedule of space bound flights still capture the imagination of young and old alike.

The Apollo missions have always fascinated me – the sheer determination and bravery required to carry out what still seems like the impossible in today’s world, yet alone using technology from that era.

Paul Button, Made from Data

In this infographic graphic designer Paul Button pays homage to the space program with a precise, beautiful visual execution.

We’ve provided a medium-resolution version here as Paul sells prints on his website Made from Data. Sized at 19.7″ by 27.6″, prints feature metallic gold and gloss white inks on 240 gsm super Matt GF Smith Plike paper. If you’re not sure what all that means, just know that we feel he’s way undercharging for this work of art.

Source: Made from Data

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